Catalogue of
wooden Mallorcan shutters

Mallorcan wooden shutters

We produce series of wooden shutters that are made to measure and to the preference of the client. Exterior sliding and guided sliding shutters with KLEIN guidance. We work with different woods, mainly with fir tree and Iroko wood (imitation of Teka), and when the work needs it, due to varnishing, weight etc. we use some of the following woods: Poplar, Sapelli, Sepí, Norte, Framiré and Sipo. The closing and fixing system to the wall can be done by being galvanized, with brass or stainless steel. 

Models of slated shutters

(oval on each side)
Old looking on both sides
(straight on both sides)
Old looking on one side
(straight on the inside, oval on the outside)
(very fine and close together slats)
Kitchen and bathroom furniture
(shutters of 30mm of thickness with very thin and close together slats.)
(Shutters with movable slats.)
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